Schoenstatt is a Catholic movement that works to help renew the Church and society in the spirit of the Gospel, seeking to reconnect faith with daily life, especially through a deep love of Mary, the Mother of God. The Marian shrine is a place of grace, dedicated to Mary as the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt. It is a covenant spirituality fostering a personal relationship with God, Mary and fellow man, making Christian discipleship more tangible in tune with God's will, and a spirituality seeking ways to form everyday life with practical steps forward in faith, hope and love. Schoenstatt is an international movement present on all continents with members from all vocations and walks of life who join to form a single Schoenstatt Family.
The Schoenstatt families also gather to pray the Rosary every Wednesday and the monthly covenant devotion is held at the SMM Marian shrine on the 18th of every month.
All are invited to visit the Bethlehem Cradle of Sanctity Shrine and discover the Schoenstatt Movement in Austin.

Lupe Chapa-Gamez - 335-2837