Music Ministry



This is an opportunity to share your love for music in the liturgy.  Our mission is to enhance the celebration of all of the rites of the church; to support and encourage congregational singing; and to enjoy the fellowship of one another.  Besides preparing for each weekend Mass, we participate in other celebrations such as First Holy Communion, Confirmation and major Liturgical masses (Christmas and Easter). This means a commitment of time and a little talent as we gather weekly for practice.  Some of us read music, and some of us don't.  Some play an instrument; and for some, our only instrument is our voice. There are no auditions.  We only ask that you be willing to make a commitment to practice and share your time and talents with your church family. We laugh together, pray together, cry together, and through it all, always sing together.  Won’t you join us and be a part of this “noteworthy” ministry?

For more information or to volunteer to be in a choir, please contact the Choir Director for that respective Mass:

5 PM Saturday (Vigil) - Kevin Green, 512-944-4944

8:30 AM Sunday - Dave & Therese Randall, 512-259-8953

10:30 AM Sunday - Carlos Gonzalez, 512-528-8624

12:30 PM Sunday (Español) - Alfredo & Dulce Corral, 512-775-8215 OR  Ruben Carrasco (Voces Profetas de Cristo), 512-663-0939

5 PM Sunday (Youth Mass) - JuanJose Armenta-Aguirre, 832-353-7798