9sn5jtao3bv0dqdnp3uhs6xaiml.pngOur parish rejoices when a new member is added to our Catholic Family through the Sacrament of Baptism.

Infant baptisms are a cause for celebration not only for the baby's family but for the parish and the Church as a whole. Parents should have their infants baptized "shortly after birth" (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1250). If, for some reason, your child has not yet been baptized and is under the age of 7, we encourage you to contact the parish office so your son or daughter can receive this sacrament soon. If your child is older than age 7 and has not been baptized, please contact Eunice Tanco, Coordinator of Children's RCIA,

 Adults considering entrance to the Catholic Church can learn more about the process on our Adult Formation Page.

Steps to take

  • These steps must be completed in order to schedule your child's baptism. 

Complete a Request for Baptism Form- found below. 

Parent(s) and godparent(s) must attend an entire Baptism Preparation class. Written proof of attendance at a Baptism Preparation class at Saint Margaret Mary or another Catholic Church within the last two years must be provided with other paperwork.

Parents must provide a copy of the child's state-issued birth certificate. Request one here: Birth Certificate Information Here

  • All required documents must be turned in at the same time. Parents should stop by the parish office to drop off these documents. 

Baptism preparation classes

Baptism preparation classes are held in Spanish on the 2nd Monday of the month and in English on the 3rd Monday of the month. Both are held at 7:15 pm in RE Rooms 106/108

You must register for the classes in the office prior to attending a class, please do so by visiting the office and speaking to one of our receptionists. 

Parental Consent and Criteria for Parents

  • Consent of at least one of the parents is required for a child to be baptized and there must be a “well-founded hope that the child will be brought up in the catholic religion” (Code of Canon Law 868).
  • At least one parent must be Catholic.
  • Foster parents will require permission from birth parents.
  • Adoptive parents must have final adoption paperwork. 
  • Catholic parents must attend Mass regularly and be willing to raise the child as a Catholic.

Are you a parishioner?

If the parent is registered in another parish or lives within the boundaries of another parish, a letter from your pastor is required stating that you have permission to have your child baptized at St. Margaret Mary.

Choice of godparents

The one to be baptized is required to have a godparent. One godparent is sufficient; but there may be two godparents, one of each gender. Requirements to be a godparent include:

  • A godparent for a Catholic baptism must be a fully initiated, practicing Catholic. A “fully initiated, practicing Catholic” must have received all of the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation, and must attend Mass regularly.
  • Godparents must be 16 years of age or older. Parents of the child cannot be his or her godparents.
  • Godparents must live lives of faith befitting the role of godparents.
  • If godparents are married, their marriage(s) must be recognized by the Catholic Church as valid.
  • Godparents must complete and sign the Baptism Sponsor Covenant Form.
  • Godparents must participate in a Baptism Preparation class at Saint Margaret Mary, or provide written proof of attendance at a Baptism Preparation class at another Catholic parish within the last three years.

The Sacrament of Baptism will be scheduled after all requirements are fulfilled by the parent(s) and godparent(s). If the person selected as a godparent is not fully initiated into the Catholic Church, and/or is not in a Catholic marriage, he/she may be eligible to be a Christian witness, but not a godparent.

If there are any questions or concerns about baptismal preparation at St Margaret Mary, please call the parish office at 512-259-3126.

Have a question?

For more information about Baptism requirements and scheduling, please contact the parish office at: 512-259-3126.

English Forms:

Request for Baptism Form

Godparent Covenant Form

Spanish Forms:

Petición para el Bautizo

Convenio Padrino de Bautismo