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Please WELCOME our new Youth Coordinator for Middle School and High School, Ms. Sara Clark.  You may contact her at 512-260-0162 or via email at [email protected] for information on anything relating to Youth Ministry.  

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We are CATHOLIC! Our goal is to share the Good News of Christ with our High School students in an effort to draw them into a deeper relationship with the Lord. We desire to create disciples who will live their faith boldly and without reserve! The world is in desperate need of the TRUTH, and we pray that the Lord will use each of our students as an instrument of HIS TRUTH, LOVE, and MERCY.

Catechists Needed!

As the 2021-2022 catechetical year prepares to begin, everyone is reminded of our need of people willing to share their faith with our youth as catechists. Training will be provided for the new online program we plan to use. Instruction and encouragement is also available for anyone who feels they are not completely prepared to be a teacher. Never believe you lack the skills needed to teach or that you are deficient in your understanding of the faith. The only necessary tools needed are a love of our Catholic faith and trust in the God who created us in his image and likeness. Trust Jesus when he tells us that he will be with us until the end of the age. Jesus is with us whenever we come together to share our faith, so let the little children come, knowing Jesus walks with us in our classrooms.

God meets us where we are and gives us the strength and knowledge to become the disciples he created us to be. The RE resource team will walk with you and provide guidance as needed. For additional information, please call  our Youth Coordinator, Sara Clark, at 512-260-0162 or via email at [email protected].  All catechists, both those returning and our new catechists, are asked to contact him. All are welcome and needed.


Life Teen has a new resource available for parents!

This website will equip parents with various resources, tips, and tools. Parents will find support and encouragement for their faith, family life, marriage, and in the very blessed yet trying years of raising a teenager! You are not alone on your journey!

Click on the picture above to be directed to the Life Teen Parent Life Site! Our Parish code is: margaretmary78641

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