Altar Servers


Church Decorating

The mission of this ministry is to prepare the church for the liturgical celebrations by creating an environment to enhance prayer and reflection. This includes decorating the church, day chapel, Eucharistic chapel and narthex for different liturgical seasons.  This group takes care of the plants and coordinates special projects.

Committee members meet twice a year, before Christmas and Easter, to discuss decorating schemes and to assign tasks and responsibilities. Special attention and planning are given to the major seasons of Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas.

Iris Marez, 512-918-2965 -


Church Housekeeping

This group of dedicated parishioners provides the necessary routine maintenance needed at the church. There are 2 crews that meet on a rotating basis to vacuum, straighten missals, clean the Holy Water fonts, dust, clean windows and maintain the Eucharistic and Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapels.

A coordinator is needed for this ministry, please call Adrian DeLaCruz if you would like to serve, 512-259-3126.


Extraordinary Ministers (Ministers of Holy Communion)


Grounds Maintenance

This group provides the manual dexterity to perform minor repairs and necessary physical plant maintenance not included in facilities contract service. The scope of this work is broad in nature and similar to routine home and yard maintenance. Examples of the type of work performed by this group include: planting and caring for shrubs, trees and flowers as well as making minor repairs to electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler systems.

Adrian DeLaCruz, 512-259-3126




Music Ministry


Usher Ministry


Youth Group

The goal of our ministry is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. We foster young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community while achieving total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

Middle School Youth (grades 6-8)-  Middle School Faith Formation is for 6th-8th grade students who desire to deepen their relationship with Christ through community. 

High School Youth (grades 9-12)- Confirmation preparation begins in 9th grade and is a 2 year process, however faith formation is a lifelong process so once Confirmed our students are invited to return and be part of our High School Lead Team! We meet every on Sundays during the Faith Formation year from 6pm-8pm.

King's ARMY (Anointed Redeemed Mighty Youth)- Post Confirmation students who are still in High School are invited to join us on Monday nights in RE 109 for continuing formation.  Young men and women in this group will practice apologetics, dive deeper into prayer life, and spend time in community.

High School Bible Study- Meets on Wednesday nights for various studies throughout the year. We gather in RE 109 at 7pm and finish at 8:30. Beginning October 3, we will use Altaration to learn more about the Mass while growing in community.

For more information, you may also contact the Youth Ministry Leaders at: